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mix front cover depicting the dragonborn back cover of mix depicting dragonborn

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Return to Skyrim

DOVAHKIIN by Lindsey Stirling
SOLDIER by the Goo Goo Dolls
I'M ALIVE by Shinedown

The Companions

SONG OF MYSELF by Nightwish
BEAUTIFUL by Creed * 

The Civil War

ERASE THIS by Evanescence
BREAK by Three Days Grace
BREATH OF LIFE by Florence + the Machine


AND WE RUN by Within Temptation ft. Xzibit
BATTLE BORN by Five Finger Death Punch
YOU'RE GOING DOWN by Sick Puppies

Alduin, the World Eater

CRY by Dark Princess
DRAGON IN ME by Seether (Desire for Need Remix) *

* I couldn't find this track to upload, so it's just a preview. Sorry!

About Skyrim

Skyrim is the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, set in the Nordic homeland of Skyrim. The storyline is very open ended, but it focuses on the player character's travels throughout the land. It is a period of civil unrest; the high king has just been murdered by one of his own jarls, and a rebellion is forming behind the killer himself, Ulfric Stormcloak. On the other side is the old high king's widow, Elisif, backed by General Tulius. Perhaps more important than the war, however, is that mythical dragons have returned from death to ravage the countryside and only the dragonborn, the player's character, can permanently kill a dragon by stealing its soul.

For the purpose of this mix, I have taken a few liberties. For instance, in the game you are free to choose (or not choose) a mate as you wish. I have chosen Farkas, one of your shield-brothers if you join the Companions. You also have the ability to choose either side of the civil war to support; I have left that choice up in the air as neither choice ever felt right to me when I was playing.

Act I

It has been a long time since she has been home. She can hear the songs of her people in her memory as she takes the road across the border (Dovahkiin). Even the air smells cleaner here. She has been away to the south, fighting in a mercenary company, but now she is home (Soldier). But as soon as she is across the border she finds herself being caught up in some kind of skirmish. She recognizes one side as Imperial soldiers, and the other surely are wearing the traditional tabbard of service to a jarl, though she cannot recall whose colors are blue. She is captured alongside the other men, knocked unconscious defending herself. When she comes to, she realizes that she is in deep trouble. They are being taken to Helgen for execution. But as she kneels at the block for the executioner, something incredible happens... a dragon appears, and she manages to escape (I'm Alive). She makes it safely to Riverwood, where she is told she must inform the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon attack. She leaves with the blessing of the blacksmith and his family, and her new friend Hadvar.

In Whiterun, all she hears about is the goings on at Jorrvaskr, the mead hall of the Companions. She finds her way to their door, but they are unimpressed by this mercenary woman who so boldly asks for admission to their ranks (Song of Myself). Still, she proves her worth to hard headed Vilkas rather quickly. Little does she realize that her presence has caused some trouble between the brothers, Vilkas and Farkas. They admire her strength, and also her beauty, and quarrel over her (Beautiful). Vilkas hardens against her when she chooses Farkas over him. Still, she and Farkas are happy together, even if they find themselves apart more often than they would like (Set Fire to the Third Bar). She has found a home among the Companions, and in their fight against the Silver Hand. She grieves when they loose men, Skjor and especially Kodlak (Graveyard of Empires). Still, when the dust settles, she has become Harbinger of the Companions.

Act II

Meanwhile, the war becomes hard to ignore. Hadvar invited her to travel to Solitude to join with the Imperials, but she has heard much about the Stormcloaks as well. She is a true Nord, she has the pride of her people in her veins. So she goes to Winterhold to meet with Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the rebellion, and finds him to be brash and disagreeable (Erase This). His ideals she shares, but his methods leave her cold. She travels to Solitude, and meets both with Elisef the Fair and General Tulius. There is just as much pride here, but at least Tulius seems to have a fair idea of what he must do. Still, turning against her fellow Nords seems a betrayal (The Dream is Still Alive).

As word spreads of who and what she is, the dovahkiin--dragonborn--her loyalty becomes more and more important to the people. Jarls name her thane for her help in their holds (Break). She is constantly asked whom she supports, if she is a loyal Imperial or a rebellious Stormcloak. It is overwhelming (Breath of Life). She doesn't know what decision to make. It is too important. She refuses; she has more important things to focus on (Caught in the Middle).

Her travels take her everywhere. She finds herself using her wits to climb the ranks of the Thieves' Guild (And We Run). She fights countless battles, slays endless foes (Battle Born). She makes hard choices. When approached by the Dark Brotherhood, she finds it easier to simply kill the leader than join their ranks (Roads Untraveled). And most importantly, she searches for an Elder Scroll that she might fight and perhaps kill Alduin, the World Eater, the dragon-god who is prophesized to destroy the world if she cannot figure out how to stop him (You're Going Down).


When the time comes to face off against the World Eater, she finds herself strangely prepared, as if she is offering herself as sacrifice for the lands and peoples she has come to know; that does not mean she will not fight to survive (Abraham's Daughter). She fights him on the Throat of the World and weakens him, but he flees the battle (Cry). She realizes then that she must face Alduin in Sovngarde; she proves her mastery of the thu'un to be allowed entrance (Dragon in Me). In the final battle with Alduin, she joins forces with great heroes, and throws down the dragon-god in glory. Though some theorize that Alduin might return one day, she goes down in history as the Last Dragonborn (Gone Sovereign).

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Wow, this looks fantastic. I cannot wait to listen more closely to this tomorrow! I do love the cover art as well <3.


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